What we do

We open doors to career happiness and opportunity through educating, coaching and content writing, giving you the right knowledge and tools to succeed in your passions and pursuits.

We believe

  • Everyone has greatness within (we just help you find it and hone it).
  • In simplicity, providing you with relevant information that is practical and helpful (because we don’t get fluff either).
  • That to achieve career happiness and opportunity, first, you need to know where you are at (and we help with that).
  • That career happiness comes from having a growth mindset. Harness a natural curiosity for things and reap the rewards.

Our customers

We provide support and services to businesses and individuals requiring expertise in the career field. Businesses come to us when going through redundancy, restructure or have coaching and training needs. Individuals come to us when they are wanting a new position, promotion or help with writing their content such as resumes, LinkedIn profiles and key selection criteria.

So far we have helped government departments, local councils, and small businesses right through to multinational giants. Our individual customers include blue-collar right through to executives. Can we help you too? We sure would love to. Get in touch, we have complimentary 15-minute consults to help you decide if we are a good match.

Our team

DSC3603-8_0x10_0-02A FB (4)

Hi, I am Danielle Kabilio and I am the Founder, Principal Consultant and Coach of Careers West. Our career takes up a significant proportion of our lives and greatly influences so many components. Our career choice can affect who we meet and have as friends, who we marry, our socioeconomic circle, what we can afford, where we live, how happy we are and even our health. With so many important non-career aspects in play, it’s important to receive professional help from time to time. That’s why I started Careers West. To partner with businesses and individuals needing expert advice and support that leads not just to career happiness and opportunity but on a holistic scale.

My credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of New South Wales and other supporting accreditations including the Saville Wave Suite of Psychometric Assessments, MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Conflict Management Coaching, Advanced Coaching and Certificate of Professional Coaching and an accredited Mental Health First Aid Practitioner.

I am a current member of AHRI, and CDAA and a former member of AIM, ANZSOM and AusAPT. I am regularly involved in pro-bono work and volunteer regularly within the community with Rotary and other great associations. I recently co-created and manage a support group for new mothers adjusting to their new role.

When I am not helping businesses and individuals with their career I am a wife and mother to my gorgeous little family of three, fun maker and life lover.

Get in touch, I would love to help you.

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Just wanted to thank you for referring me to Danielle…she was fantastic. Highly knowledgeable, friendly and inspirational.  

I am more aware of myself, confident and hope to move forward with more purpose in my next career chapter.

Redundancy Candidate


Highly knowledgeable

Danielle was very encouraging and positive.  My main concern is how I interviewed after several years of not having to do this. She provided me with several example questions, we did a role play and she provided constructive feedback on my mannerisms and how I should approach my responses using the STAR or CAR methodology. She was generous with her time allocation to me, often going over in order to wrap up what was discussed at each session. Thanks Danielle


Interview Coaching