About us

Welcome to Careers West, a boutique West Australian business providing Organisational Coaching Services and Occupational Health Services to assist big and small businesses in keeping their employees happy and healthy.

For the past eight years, Careers West have been helping organisations who do business in WA achieve happier workplaces by partnering with them to continue to deliver a great employee culture or to resolve psycho-social issues that has negatively impacted employee health and well-being.

As of 2021 our delivery scope also includes Occupational Medicine services through a Consultant Occupational Physician. Occupational Physician’s provide an expert perspective on the health and safety of the worker, providing businesses accurate information and to meet their health and safety requirements.

Happy and healthy employees are a winning combination. They are more productive and positively impact business KPIs on many levels. If you have a psycho-social issue or require the service of a Consultant Occupational Physician, head to the contact us page and get in touch.

Our services

  • Coaching delivered by ICF accredited coaches
  • Psychometric assessments including 360s
  • Personality assessments and workplace sessions using the MBTI instrument ( Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator)
  • Outplacement and career transition services for small to medium scale redundancies
  • Occupational health services delivered by a Consultant Occupational Physician
  • Medico-Legal reports
  • Work health surveillance

Our executive team

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Hi, I am Danielle Kabilio and I am the Founder, Principal Consultant and Coach of Careers West. Our career takes up a significant proportion of our lives and greatly influences so many components. Our career choice can affect who we meet and have as friends, who we marry, our socioeconomic circle, what we can afford, where we live, how happy we are and even our health. With so many important non-career aspects in play, it’s important to receive professional help from time to time. That’s why I started Careers West. To partner with businesses and individuals needing expert advice and support that leads not just to career happiness and opportunity but on a holistic scale.

My credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of New South Wales and other supporting accreditations including the Saville Wave Suite of Psychometric Assessments, MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Conflict Management Coaching, Advanced Coaching and Certificate of Professional Coaching.

I am a current member of ICF, AHRI, and CDAA and a former member of AIM, ANZSOM and AusAPT. I am regularly involved in pro-bono work and volunteer regularly within the community with Rotary and other great associations. I recently co-created and manage a support group for new mothers adjusting to their new role.

When I am not helping businesses and individuals with their career I am a wife and mother to my gorgeous little family of three, fun maker and life lover.

DSC3561-8_0x10_0-03AConsultant Dr Miguel Sergio Kabilio MD (UBA), FRACP, FAFOEM, AMS, MRO, has joined Careers West in 2021 and provides a wide range of Occupational Medicine services. He specialises in Pre, Periodic and Post Employment Assessments, Statutory Medical Assessments, Executive Health Assessments, UK Oil & Gas Assessments, Rail Industry Fitness For Work, Assessing Fitness To Drive – Commercial Driver, Expatriate and Overseas FIFO Medical Assessments, Injury Management, Return to Work, Medico Legal, Second Medical Opinion, WorkCover and Medical Review Officer. Before becoming a Consultant Occupational Physician, Dr Miguel trained and consulted as an Ophthalmologist and now delivers a specialist service  in Occupational Ophthalmology.

Dr Miguel’s expertise assists businesses by providing a boutique and personalised service. You will be dealing directly with the Occupational Physician from end-to-end with each case and getting the best of attention.

It is a privilege to have Dr Miguel join the Careers West team and we look forward to providing a broader level of Occupational Health support to businesses in need of our services.

Please fill out our contact form if you to see how we can help.

Just wanted to thank you for referring me to Danielle…she was fantastic. Highly knowledgeable, friendly and inspirational.  

I am more aware of myself, confident and hope to move forward with more purpose in my next career chapter.

Coaching Candidate

Highly knowledgeable

Danielle was very encouraging and positive. She was generous with her time allocation to me, often going over in order to wrap up what was discussed at each session. Thanks Danielle