With so much access to information today we would be right to think that the workplace should be full of productive people and effective leaders. Yet everyday we see, experience and hear of situations that demonstrate ineffective leadership in the workplace.

Many reasons contribute to poor leadership behaviours however unless the leader is aware of their ineffective behaviours, learning can never take place.

We have been referred many supervisors and leaders from the factory floor right through to top executives to receive tailored leadership coaching programs. The first step of the program is self-awareness and this is achieved by a combination of psychometric assessments, personality assessments and interview coaching.

Once the leader is aware of their undesirable leadership behaviours, learning can take place. Even at this early stage the person will already begin to alter their behaviour. Self-awareness is a powerful tool within itself.

At Careers West, we don’t aim for big changes. We look to create awareness so to empower those involved to have the information needed to make better decisions.

Your leadership problem may feel complicated and have far reaching impacts but usually once the root causes are identified, the way forward is more simple.

It is worth a discussion about your leadership challenge, to see if our approach works for your business.

Remember, nobody goes to work with the intention to do a bad job. That’s our philosophy.


We provide coaching programs to assist employees reach their potential. Businesses who need extra resources and assistance in upskilling their team engage our services.

By giving the employee coaching support gives them invaluable development that may take years to learn if left to organic experience.

Training and developing your high potentials before they are promoted is good business sense. Allow your staff to hit the ground running in their new roles rather than rebuilding fractured workplace relationships created due to a lack of skill and initial competence.


Conflicts occur daily within the workplace. How we learn to deal with conflict and how well we learn to move on from conflict affects productivity. We work with the CINERGY conflict management model to help workplaces recover from disputes. The model is designed around one on one coaching for anyone who seems stuck after a workplace dispute.

Enquire at Careers West about Conflict Management Coaching and if it is relevant to your workplace dispute. Many businesses are unaware of how to move employees forward and run the risk of losing their best talent to another business.


Performance improvement coaching is useful when businesses have an underperforming employee and haven’t had success in improving the situation. Most situations can be resolved positively as most people come to work with the intention to do a good job. Careers West is skilled at diagnosing the issues. Once the issues have been clarified the way forward is clear.

We have successfully assisted many WA businesses with unique employee situations to resolve performance issues with our combined performance coaching programs and workplace assessments.

We have helped staff with abrasive leadership traits learn new skills and improve their performance through to identifying key reasons an employee had an increase in workplace accidents.

Have a discussion with us about your challenge before you devise an exit strategy for your employee.


To get the most out of life, the question isn’t “what do I need to do”, the question is “what kind of person do I need to become”. Personal development is a lifelong process and can assist people immensely in achieving goals and getting the most out of their life. (including career) Having a personal development coach can fast track the learning pace, enabling individuals to reach their potential and improve their quality of life.

Personal development coaching is suitable for businesses looking to provide additional training and development for their staff as well as individuals seeking guidance and support on their journey.